home - Hideyuki Hashimoto

Morning comes and returns back to night...
Together with his piano in the Setouchi islands,
Hashimoto has created twenty-four compositions. "

"home" is the Japanese Pianist Hideyuki Hashimoto's third solo album. After being labelled a big sensation at the Setouchi Triennale 2013, the music of Shima no piano de was later reconstructed for future release. An upright piano, untuned for over ten years and left in a school on a small island in the Setouchi sea, was awoken by Hideyuki Hashimoto's fingertips... With an opened window, the compositions were written together with the surrounding natural sound.


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Hideyuki Hashimoto

Hideyuki Hashimoto (b. 1986) is a pianist/composer born in Osaka Japan, currently based in Kagawa Prefecture. He utilizes space in his improvisational performances and composition.In 2012, Hashimoto released two works Earth and Air. His music has a delicate spacial beauty with a feel of vivid imagery and has been appreciated as a work of superiority in an array of reviews published both in Japan and abroad. In addition to first being appointed to compose the music for film in Hungary, he has also appeared in Japanese audio magazines and had his music featured in such commissions as JAL flight broadcasts. In 2013, following the Setouchi Triennale 2013, Hideyuki Hashimoto partook in the Sea's Terrace event with his spacial music in Takamijima, and with an upright piano from the island, represented the region's atmosphere with music, leaving the audience with a deep impression of beauty.

Hideyuki Hashimoto
Photo by WataruSato (PUA NA PU)